Last week we got the oppertuniti to start bloging for Recenspaper! We started bloging a few days ago, and would love it if you follow us on our new blog. 


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Hidden Spaces

Jose Manuel Ballester - Hidden spaces

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xmas break

CECILIE:     sweater / Vintage     VILDE:    Coat / Vintage  Shirt / UO  Skirt / hm 

Some pictures from our trip to oslo earlier today. We ate breakfast and walked around taking some pictures in Slottsparken. The weather was perfect ( except the obvious lack of snow three days before xmas) and Oslo was so peacful as the sun shone over the city. After some coffee we looked around in some shops, on COS I found a perfect scarf that I bought for some christmas money. 

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Freja Beha x Vogue uk

Freja Beha Erichsen by Cass Bird  /  Vogue UK  /  Jan 14

Pictures found here

Love these pictures of Freja in the new issue of Vogue. The simple clothes with the nike slippers and the beautiful country side feeling. It mkes me miss long and warms summer days, these pictures also gives me the urge to cut of my long shaggy hair hoping it might end up as fab as Frejas.

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Some of my wishes this year are:

1. The Rookie yearbook two

2. Humans of New York. Check out his blog here.

3. A bag or backpack who is big enough for my mac and schoolbooks. 

4. A perfect, warm and oversized turtleneck sweater.

5. Money

But mostly I am looking forward to have a break from school and all the work we are doing before Christmas. 

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If only for a second

Found here.

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Snapshots from the last couple of days when I was in my friends birthday party, went to Oslo to look for Christmas presents and I found a perfect blue vintage coat. I am enyoing the fredomw I had today, before I start with the pile of homework I have. To stay focused I listne to this playlist and count down the days until Christmas break. 

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We are already in December and my days consist of homework, homework and homework while I listne to music. 

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Chasing Ice

All photos taken by James Balog.

I watched the film Ice Chaser in school today, about a photographer trying to show the world what climate change is doing to our globe. He therefore starts an experiment, where he puts out several cameras to take several photos a day of different icebergs around the world, as visual proof that the icebergs are melting. Climate change is a serious matter that shouldnt be taken lightly. As the icebergs continue to melt, millions of people will end up without a home and the natural disasters will rise in numbers and in strength. 

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Shoes Dr Martens / Pants my moms old / Belt bikbok / Sweater Second Female / Jacket Vintage

Wednesdays make my whole school week. 1: Because we only have media/communicaion. 2: We actually finish early, 13:30, when the sun is still set. That means I have some time to get stuff done and right now I am working on a moodboard for my design assignment. These pictures were taken in a hurry and in bad lightning so, yeah, sorry for the really bad quality. 

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I looked through all the pictures I have saved to my computer the last weeks and noticed that I have an astonishing amount of pictures of Kate Moss.  I made a collage of my favorites + I made a own folder for Kate pictures. 

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Spent my morning off doing homework in a dress for no particular reason, listening to G.U.Y by Lady Gaga. Her new album ARTPOP is now out, and I highly reccomend it!

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new black

Acne Pouch Black 

I have been craving this beautiful and simple pouch for a long time now and I finally got it fot my birthday on Friday.

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Astrup Fearnley

Last sunday we went to Oslo for some coffee, talk and to look at the new art exhibition at the Astrup Fearnley Museum, called imagine Brazil. Rainy fall weather is perfect for cafe visits and peaceful bus trips to the city.

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Brit born and raised, but half norwegian also. The sensible, smart and practical one.

In possesion of an extravagant amount of  notebooks, hoping they one day will be filled with great thoughts,  ideas and plans.

A face full of freckles and an obession with Lady Gaga.



Lives on tea, coffee, tv shows and moments to treasure. The spontanious one, permanently dressed in black.

Has a desire to live life without worries, and travel the world to meet interesting, inspiring people.

A head filled with thoughts (for better or worse) and constantly scruffy hair.

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